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This is a season of cakes! Yippee! There’s no other season like Christmas! Asides the fact that the world over celebrates it, it’s a period people naturally express love, joy and peace. Different varieties and types of cakes are used to express/show these feelings. Here are some of my favourites (you can add yours or vote for the best. You may just receive it!;

Top 10 Cakes Companies

1. Cake by Say Cheese

2. Cakes By Tosan

3. Cakes and Cream

4. Exotique cakes

5. Tl Cake boulevard

6. Diva's Cakes and Confections 

7. Lemmie Cakes

8. Bakers World

9. Dream Treat Cakes

10. Acabado Cakes

Winner of the Previous Week Ended 3/06/2019

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Winner of the most fabulous cake of the week

CAKE BY: Diva's Cakes and Confections

Vote for your best Cake: Week 11

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