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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on the platform to log in my complaint?

To register and make your complaint, kindly click on “Register” and complete the process

Can I register with my Facebook/Twitter account?

There are various ways to register: Manually (by inputting your details)

How will my complaint get to the company that I complained about?

ConsumerHalla is an advocacy platform that aims to bridge the gap between consumers and brands. Your complaints will be directed/forwarded to the company by Consumer Halla and will be monitored until the issue is resolved.

Is there any financial obligation on my part when I log in my complaint?

No, ConsumerHalla does not charge any fee for resolving consumer’s complaint

How long will it take for my complaint to be resolved?

Resolution of complaint takes 72 hours from the time it is logged in. However, if the company fails to respond within the specified time frame, you will be notified accordingly.

Will I be notified when my complaint is resolved?

Yes, ConsumerHalla will notify you immediately your complaint is resolved

What happens if my complaint is not attended to by the company in question?

After 72 hours, you will be notified of the status of your complaint. However, if the complaint is not resolved within the time frame, ConsumerHalla will advise you on other possible options of resolving the complaint.

Will ConsumerHalla help me prosecute my case if the company refuses to proffer solution to my complaint?

No, ConsumerHalla is not involved in litigations but it can enlighten you on how to seek redress

If ConsumerHalla refers me to some lawyers, will I pay for their services?

Consultation is free, however; you may be requested to pay a fee based on a resolution of the complaint

Can I upload pictures or videos evidence of my complaint?

Yes, you can upload pictures and videos on the ConsumerHalla portal. Click here to upload your pictures or videos

Is ConsumerHalla affiliated to Consumer Protection Council?

No, ConsumerHalla is a legal entity and does not report to, nor is affiliated to any government parastatal

Does ConsumerHalla help resolve cases concerning all categories of companies?

No, ConsumerHalla resolves consumer complaints with only known corporate entities.


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